Unique acoustic systems of Ukrainian production.

The precise expressive sound and impeccable quality will not leave indifferent the most demanding music admirers.

Development and manufacturing of loudspeakers for individual projects.


Shelves and furniture for audio equipment.

Customized production of various furniture for home audio, vinyl records, etc.

Any sizes, individual design, various decorating materials.

Organic integration of audio and accessories into any interior.


About us:

We are little Rush-Speakers workshop in Kyiv, Ukraine. We design and manufacture Hi-Fi speakers and various home audio-video equipment…
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For customers:

  • Our products are manufactured on a pre-order basis.
  • Get acquainted with our products, listen to the sound of our loudspeakers, you can always in our demo hall.
  • We also accept orders for the individual development and manufacture of speakers and furniture in accordance with your unique requirements and design.